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North Suburban Asperger's Disorder Group
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"As a kid, I never had many friends. I got teased a lot. I just didn't fit in. Now that I'm adult, that same feeling seems to be sticking with me. Is there something wrong with me?"

"I have a child who was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder... and I think I may have it too!"

"My friend read an article about Asperger's Disorder, and said it described me perfectly! I've always thought I was just a little weird. Could I really have some sort of disability?"

"My teenager has Asperger's Disoder, and I want to find ways to help his transition into adulthood a little easier. How do adults with Asperger's Disorder get along in life?"

Do these quotes sound familiar?
Asperger's Syndrome is a fairly new diagnosis in the United States, so not many adults know they have it. Many adults with Asperger's Syndrome have been diagnosed with other things, such as a psychotic disorder, anxiety disorder, high-functioning autism, etc.
As a result, there are many support groups and resources for parents of small children with Asperger's... but not much exists for adults who have it or think they have it.

Autism Awareness ribbon

We are a small group of adults who meet once or twice a month to share resources, compare experiences, make friends, and just talk.
If you have Asperger's Disorder... or if you think you might have it, and want to learn more... or if you have a family member who has Asperger's and you want to show your support... join us!

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.


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North Suburban Asperger's Disorder Group