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What are people all over the world saying about AND WAKE ME WITH THE MORNING LIGHT?
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"I couldn't put this book down! You could be a business man, and know absolutely nothing about this field of work, and you would read this book and come away with a whole new perspective about it... and it's written in a way that makes you want to do something to make a difference!" - Claudia, therapist at homeless center. Palatine, IL.
"This book was a very interesting read. These true stories will teach others about what goes on in some children's lives. It will make them think... and want to give their child an extra hug tonight, knowing that they are loved... Children like the ones in this book will never be forgotten." - Kristi Phillips, special education teacher's aide. Palatine, IL.
"The style of writing couldn't be better, and gives a lucidity to the individual stories... This book is a fascinating portrayal of the lives of children with emotional and behavioural problems, and is definitely a book I would buy." - Ben Disraeli, student. England.
"Angel has written a wonderful book! I hope it makes it's way into the right hands and the right lives!" - Sandy, social worker. Palatine, IL 
 "I remember wondering if you were going to make it back in 1996 - as your prognosis seemed poor at the time. Your story gives me hope that maybe some of the other kids I have worked with, who had alot stacked against them, might make it too." - Karen, pediatric nurse. Arlington Heights, IL.
"Of course, it's a hard world, period. But (And Wake Me With the Morning Light) somehow makes it both bearable and even lyrical." - Roger, elementary school teacher. Palatine, IL.

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Can you be a supportive penpal to a child or teenager in juvenile detention? To find out about Someone In My Corner, an organization the author helped found, click here!

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