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FAQ's about And Wake Me With the Morning Light
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Answers to Your Questions about And Wake Me With the Morning Light

Q: Were the stories in And Wake Me With the Morning Light true?
A: Yes, the stories are all true. Only the children's names and minor details were changed, to protect everyone's privacy.
Q: Did the author ever find out what happened to any of the children, after she left?
A: No. Because of confidentiality rules and the constant moving around of the children, Ms. Mann found it impossible to keep track of the children. She does regularly check the website for Children Awaiting Adoption in Colorado, to see if any of the kids have been freed for adoption, which would get them out of the limbo of foster care. So far she did find out that Daniel (the foster brother of Toby) and his sister were adopted.
Q: I would like to volunteer my time as a mentor to foster children. How can I get started in this?
A: There is no shortage in America of kids needing mentors! Do some research around your community and find out about local social service agencies that work with kids, and which agencies have foster care programs. Ask around and you will certainly find an organization that can match you up with a foster child.
Q: What is Nicky "Angel" Mann doing currently?
A: She still works as a 1:1 aide in a special education school. However, she is considering going to college full time in order to earn her associates degree as a special education teacher. Ms. Mann has also signed up to mentor a foster child in Illinois.
Q: Was this the first book that Ms. Mann wrote?
A: No! Nicky Mann published a poetry chapbook, under the pen name of Nicky Castelli. She has also written many yet unpublished novels.
Q: Does Ms. Mann plan to write any other books in the future?
A: Definitely! She's currently working on a children's book about a fictional 8-year-old boy with autism. After that, she plans to write her own autobiography. Both books will be available on this website when they are published.

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Can you be a supportive penpal to a child or teenager in juvenile detention? To find out about Someone In My Corner, an organization the author helped found, click here!

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