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Do you like to write letters? Have you ever wondered how you could make a difference in the life of one of the most hurting children or teenagers? Volunteer to become a penpal to a child or teen in a juvenile detention center or youth home.

Our Mission

Sometimes children and teenagers make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are BIG... big enough to cause the unthinkable to happen... they get locked up for their crimes.
Some of these locked-up children and teens are angry. They've seen horrible things, or have had horrible things done to them, and they are angry at the world. For as long as they can remember, they've been trying to strike out, trying to keep themselves from feeling the pain inside them.
Other kids and teens simply wandered down the wrong path. Perhaps they got involved in gangs or started using drugs, never fully understanding what the consequences might be. And now they are locked up, in a very scary world that no kid should have to live in.
We're not here to argue about whether these kids are innocent or guilty, or about whether or not they should be locked up. We are here to make a difference in the here-and-now... in the lives of these kids, RIGHT NOW.
Jail is lonely. Ask any adult convict how lonely jail is. Why do you think so many "prison penpal" websites have sprung up, so that people can write letters to men and women in adult prisons? Anyone who is locked up longs for that outside contact.
But many locked-up children don't have opportunities for outside contact. Some of them don't hear from their families, and some don't even have families in the first place! Others may have some contact with their families, but could just use a friend.
Can you be there for a child or a teenager in prison? Would you like to write friendly, encouraging letters to kids, and read what they write back? Perhaps you are even a parent or family member of a locked-up child or teen, and you feel like you could handle writing to one or two additional locked-up children.
Become a part of our brand new program, Someone In My Corner. All you need is a kind heart, and a few extra cents each month for the price of postage stamps. The child or teen you write to will never forget you did!

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Organization News

We are just now starting to develop this program, so check back often for new developments!We are very excited about getting this off the ground! We know of no other program like it!
Right now we are in need of adults who would like to be penpals, and we also are looking for references to locked-up children and teens who could benefit from this type of positive, supportive relationship!

Becoming a Member

Follow the links below to e-mail the founders, Toni and Nicky. You are also invited to join our newsgroup. Or, simply sign our guestbook!

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